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Seafood alla vodka pasta
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Pineapple lamb chop dinner
Shrimp and Crab Dip
Jerk Ribs


Alexis G.

I loved the flavors of the Mac and cheese. My daughter loves the Mac too and she's pretty picky! Please let me know when you do the next pop up!!


Emily B.

OMG! The pineapple lamb chops are sooo bomb!!! (inserts lots of emojis) Cooked just right and so tasty. Never had lamb like this before!

Ricky J.

Listen.. Lala's Kitchen is going to be known nation wide. This food is so freakin good! The best gumbo I've ever had!! My top 5 favorite thing from Lala's for sure!!! 

Samantha M.

With everything that I've had from Lala's Kitchen from the gumbo, to pastas, to even Brussel sprouts.. there's always so much unique flavors!! I'm so glad she came to San Diego! :)


Devin T.

I have had over 10 of Lala's Kitchen meals. I must say I have been waiting for a meal to let me down because I am an extremely difficult and picky eater. LET ME JUST SAY.....She still hasn't let me down yet. The wait Continues LOL

Angela A.

I ordered a large pan of Lala's shrimp scampi for a family dinner and we literally inhaled it! It was soo delicious and not your basic scampi. So much better than Olive Garden by the way!!

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