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About Lala's Kitchen

My name is Michaela but you can call me Lala! I'm originally from Chesapeake, VA, then spent 4 years in Greensboro, NC attending school, and thrived in San Diego, CA for 3 years until recently relocating to the DC,Maryland,Virginia area!

I have been using my gift of cooking and also mixology for the last 7 years. Back home I’d cook for family, friends and their friends, whether it was for a birthday party, baby shower, summer party, or just because! In college, I cooked loads of food in my apartment and shared with many on campus too. I heard many many times I should just start a business or open a restaurant. Once I got to San Diego, met wonderful new people and they also loved my food, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to make a name for myself, so the official gem, 'Lala’s Kitchen' began! I now have a small team behind me that I am so blessed to have and helps make it happen every time!


I absolutely love cooking many varieties of food from soul food, to Italian dishes, to Creole, and so much more! I am all about flavor, flavor, flavor, so seeing people enjoy my food so much to where they are repeat customers also keeps me going!! My goal for now is to share my awesome flavors and styles through multiple avenues such as Private Chef Experiences, Private Catering, Catering, Pop-ups,  and Meal Prep! I enjoy traveling so much, I see a brick & mortar later down the line in a location I plan on staying for a while!


I am so grateful for the opportunities San Diego has presented me and excited to see what the DMV continues to offer me! I can't wait to cater your next event, see you at the next Pop-up, provide your next week's meal prep, and give you a private chef experience ;)


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